Fenwick Island Baptist Church
Monday, July 28, 2014
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Just for You...

August 3, 2014
Worship and Celebration  10:00am
    "Living a Spirit-Filled Life"
Romans 8:1-17
Evening Service
"When Left is Right"

Judges 3:12-31


Regular Wednesday Schedule

Awana Clubs for Grades 1 - 12
Adult Bible Study w/ Pastor Mike
Adult Choir Practice
Registered Trademark used by permission of Awana Clubs International

  Join us as we "Read the Bible Through In A Year"
 Week of July 27 - Aug. 2
Jeremiah chap. 7 through chap. 24
Week of August 3 - 9
  Jeremiah chap. 25 through chap. 45
Week of August 9 - 15
Jeremiah chap. 46 through Lamentations chap. 5

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Fenwick Island Baptist Church
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